H4 to F1 Visa Conversion and Stamping related queries!

Kindly help me with my queries. I have tried to note down the details below!

My wife is on H4 which is valid till June 2017. She is going to enroll in Masters in June 2016 and the University would apply for her change of Status to F1. We are contemplating a visit to India in November, thinking the F1 would be approved by then. My questions are:

  1. Would the F1 Visa interview back in India be very tough and chances of rejection is high ? Any link to common H4 to F1 visa interview questions please?

  2. what should one answer to the question: would you be working on OPT & CPT? Why didn’t you choose to study on H4 visa when it was still valid ? Please help to answer this.

  3. If F1 is rejected, Does H4 still remain valid ? If yes, do i have to do any thing specific to come back to US on H4 or just book my tickets and come back to USA as my H4 would still be valid if i plan to return in Dec 2016 time frame ?

  4. Can i again apply for F1 after coming back to USA on H4? Would the earlier tenure spent on F1 be voided as my F1 would have been rejected at the stamping ?

  5. Once i get my F1 approved, Can i go to Canada and then get my F1 stamped ? If the F1 gets rejected there in Canada, can i come back to USA on my still valid H4 ?

Please please please help me answer these queries. I would be more than obliged by your response. It would help my individuals out here. I have seen these questions come up again and again but with no concrete response!

I hope things have worked for you and your wife by this time. But now I am currently in some similar situation and I would like to know the answers to your questions above.

It would be a great help if you could provide some insight on how to deal with attending the college on H4 and then going back for F1 visa stamping. what do you suggest ? H4 to F1 visa interview questions would help.