H4 to F1 transfer in summer semester

Hii everyone,

Currently, I am studying the 1st semester of my MS on H4 visa. In coming summer semester i.e summer 2016, I wanted to go for my internship and I am planning to transfer my status from h4 to f1. But someone told me that I won’t be able to register for part-time i.e.less than 9 credits in the first semester on f1 and my university offers maximum 4 credits in summer.

Is it still possible to apply and register for lessthan 9 credits in summer semester?? I do not want to waste my time and summer is the best timefor internship as we do not have any other classes.

No, thats not true. Typically, Summer terms do not have any requirements for registering for classes to be full time. You should be able to register for the minimum credits or even not register for any courses on F1 in Summer ( depending on the school ). I suggest you speak to the DSO at the school for full clarity. Immigration rules can be tricky and I suggest you should work with DSO, do not listen to anyone and do speculation.