H4 to F1 covertion in Toronto (Canada)


I am currently in us with h4 visa and planning to start studies . I am thinking the possibility of going to Toronto(Canada) For F1 visa interview. Is there any issue going there and taking the interview rather than going to home country? Also I want to know the process?

Well, it is hard to say, many get stamped and some also get issues…First, call the Canadian embassy and check if they accept Third Country Nationals and then appointments availability. You can check their website…Best case, everything goes well, worst case, they may ask you to go back to home country for stamping ( really worst case)…Look at pros and cons and make a decision…

I dont think any third party country embassy does COS. The thirdparty embassies does only the extension of the same class visas with the same employers only. This is a COS case.