H4 to F1 COS

Hi Admin,

I heard that COS is taking somuch time in few cases. When i contacted my DSO she suggested me something like rather than applying cos or going to india better go to mexico to cross the border and come into US then my sevis will be updated with F1 status. But i didnt understand what exactly my dso mean.

How can my status change to F1 if i just cross the border and come inside??

If you have any information about this process could you please elaborate.

Unless you go for F-1 visa stamp in India (or Mexico), just crossing the border wouldn’t change the visa status. The DSO is misinformed about this.

Hi Saurabh,
In that case can I go to Mexico consulate for F1 stamping as it is my first time stamping to F1, because in few old posts I read that mexico is no more accepting first time stampings.