Hi All,

Request if you could answer my query.

My husband is on H1B visa here in the US, I was working back home but now I am not as I am on H4 status. However, I wanted to pursue MS, I learned that I can study on H4 visa. I gave the standardized exams and got through the university at my place of residence for fall 2018. While that is great for me as I can start MS and continue with my career. I have certain queries that need addressing.

I have about 3 years of work experience and I have a good profile overall, I want to apply to universities which are good course wise and have good university ranking as that will increase my academic qualifications.

Meanwhile, I start my course in fall 2018 at the place of residence and also apply for spring intake 2019 to the better universities. Suppose I get admission into the university of my choice, what can be done to move to that university?

Note- I also want to go for H4 cos to F1 for this university at my place of residence because MS course gives Graduate Assistantship opportunities which I would like to avail. As H4 cos to F1 process takes minimum 6 months I want to begin my process so that I will not be late for OPT as well.

My husband got his H1B approved and my H4 extension is still in process as we did not file our visa extension together.

You can apply for the school as transfer student and first get admission.

Once you get admission, you can request for transfer of credits from your old schools to new school. Some may transfer, some may not…it all depends. So, when you take courses at old school, you should take some graduate level courses that are similar in new school for easy transfer.

You can apply for COS to F1 status by working with DSO. Also, speak to your spouse’s H1B attorney on the implications and if you can go for the COS to F1.