H4 to F1 Change 2018

Hi everyone,

I did my bachelors in Computer science and worked for 5years in India. Now, I am on H4 and pursuing my masters in Computer Science. I joined the college in may 2018. Completed one term with GPA of 4. I am thinking of traveling to India to change my status to F1 next month. I heard they are rejecting many H4 to F1s. It would be very helpful if you guys help to answer these questions:

  1. As per my university, I have to show $40k liquid cash in my husband’s [Sponser] account. Even though my husband is taking care of living expenses, I have to show money for that as well [apparantly I will no longer be dependent.] Is that okay if we borrow some money from our relatives / Friends and show that from my husband’s bank account?

  2. Do Visa officers check transactions in bank statements when we provide them as proofs for financial documents in the F1 interview?

  3. I had taken TOEFL and got 87. But I dint take GRE since in my university GRE is mandatory if we have GPA less than 2.8 in undergraduate. I had 3.29 so they waived GRE for me. Will the Visa officer in F1 interview agree for this? Or do you guys think they could reject my F1 because I haven’t given GRE?

  4. An important one, Why change from H4 to F1? I would answer that, I really want to “get the practical Training” and if I do assistantship in my university, they would reduce my college fee which would be a great financial help for me. Do they get convinced with the answer? I know everyone might be telling the same thing and they are tired of this answer. But sadly this is the truth.

Please help me with this.

Thanks in advance.


I would like to convey my best wishes for your F1 stamping in India. Since I am also planning something similar in near future I am looking forward from hearing back from you about the result.


My h4 t F1 got approved. The interview went without any issues. All they asked were regular questions.1. Why this university?and then casual talk about university and the course selected.No questions related to H4 or regarding my husbands H1b.Only docs asked were:I20, SEVIS receipt and passport

Hi am Navya , am on H4, my f1 fot rejected first time in 2018 march in hyderabad, they gave me 214 -B .

Am planning to try again so can any one help me with any suggestion on attending visa interview.

Is it better to attend visa interview in hyderabad or canada?

Please reply.your help will be appreciated.

hey… I am in same situation now. I joined college here in October 2018 and finished my first term and will start spring semester in 10days now.I will graduate in 2020 April having 1.5 semester left.
I want to know when did u attend the interview, i mean after finishing how many semesters you appeared for interview.?
Will there be any impact of number of semesters left to graduate on student visa interview.Can you please advice on when it is better to go for stamping.

Hi Navya…
I am in same situation. I planned on going to Canada this break but couldnt go because my canadian visitor visa arrived late and my classes start in 10days.
have you gone for interview, if so how did it go ?

Hi, I attended F1 interview when I was done with my 1st term. My university has a policy that I would be eligible for CPT only if i complete 2 terms on F1 visa. So i got it asap. So i would recommend that if you are planning for CPT you have to get F1 stamped asap.

Hi Navya and reeva, Even two of my friends faced the same issues. They had come to India with me for their F1 visa in sep 2018. Both had bachelors in EC. They got rejected for the first time one in Chennai and other in Hyd. But they again attended the interview after few DAYS. One attended in Kolkata and the other in chennai again. Both got their F1 approved in the second attempt in the same trip to India. One of them had got 214B in her first interview. I would say you can try again in India. Even i had this doubt to decide between Canada or India but i would say better go to India because my university recommended it since we have to show strong ties with the home country.

Please let me know if you need any more information. I am happy to help. I have gone through the same thing what you guys are going through.

thanks for reply. By term you mean semester?..my university says i have to complete 18credits to be eligible for cpt…

Hey H4of1208…how many semesters you were left with when you attended the interview?

I had completed my first term which was summer. I was left with 3 semesters. Now i completed 1 on F1 and left with 2 more.

Yes, two semesters. Ya, different universities will have different rules I guess.

Hey H4of1208… I am in same situation. Thinking to go back to India and attend the interview.
What questions did they asked you in the visa interview? Can you please share the experience of yours ?

Please go through the above comment. I have mentioned it there.

Hi, I am Anupriya. I am in my 2nd semester of MS and planning to change it to F1. Can you please let me know how did you show liquid cash? As you mentioned about borrowing from friends and relatives. Did you do that ? And I guess they need 3 month bank statement, how did you manage that ? It would be very helpful if you would reply.
Thank you

Hi Navya. Thanks for sharing your experience. It is really helpful. I am also planning to go to India to convert from H4 to F1. I haven’t started my MS yet. I planning convert before starting school. As per your research, can you suggest me which embassy (Chennai/Hyd) has more approval ratings with respect to H4 to F1 visa stamping ? If VO asks about plans after graduation, What did you plan to tell ? Like should we say I will work through OPT and come back to India or Should we say I am studying to gain knowledge which will ultimately help me when we come back to India after my Husbands visa expires?
TIA for your help.

Hello !need your help,can you please contact me on manchukeerthi@gmail.com.Awaiting for reponse

Thank you so much.

Hey what answer can I give when asked why I need F1 when I already have H4 ?
Kindly help.

You should answer honestly, why you are going for F1 over H4, state the facts, so that you are clear and you do not panic in the interview…If you pick up something online, then if there are follow up questions that are not related or you dont know, VO can easily call it out…