H4 staying beyond 240 days with H1 having valid i94 from previous approved petition

My H1B old petition has i94 validity till 06/2021 which I applied only for me.
I relocated to another location and applied for amendment/extension for me/H4(H4 i94 expired 06/2019)
My current amendment is in RFE which I will reply only by 03/2020.
By the time USCIS takes a decision H4s i94 would have crossed 240 days.
My question is that whether H4 can stay beyond 240 days with my old petitions i94 which valid till 06/2021?


I am assuming you are on H4 now…in that case, your old H1B petition I-94 is not valid anymore as you are in H4 status. Now, H4 extension does not fall under 240 days rule.
The 240 days rule is for H1B extensions, where they need to stop working after 240 days. For H4, it does not matter as you cannot work on H4. Read below