H4 Status while H1-B is transferred to another Company

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I am working in US with Company A using H1-B visa and my spouse is in India who got H4 visa before 5 months. After getting visa, she did not travel to US using H4 visa. Now I am planning to shift from Company A to Company B. I have below queries before shifting.

  1. Can she travel with her current H4? Or she has to apply for fresh H4 again?

  2. If she want to go for fresh H4, do I need to go India for stamping?

What are the other factors involved while transferring my H1-B visa?

Thanks in advance.

A stamped H-4 is a valid travel document unless primary H-1 changes (not transfers) status to a different visa class. A fresh H-4 stamping is not needed in this case. The CBP officer still needs to make a duration of stay determination for I-94 purposes so relevant dates of your employment contract must at times be furnished.

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