H4 status if I switch company on H1b

Currently I am working for Comapny A on H1B, , I am thinking to switch company. My H1 transferred has been done already with Company B.

My wife is on H4 , this year (in Apr’16)one company filed H1B for her, but till today(13th oct 2016) her status is showing as case was received(as that was picked in lottery) and I didn’t apply H4 for her with Company B

Question: can she stay in US and if yes then she will be on which status and is it a good idea to file H4 for her with company B.


H4 is directly related to your H1 status. There is nothing such as H4 transfer from employer by employer. If your wife’s H4 is valid, she can remain in status till its expiry. Then file for extension based on your new H1.

Thanks Ramanan ,

If i join company B then my H1b is related to Company B and as i didn’t apply H4 for her with me while applying H1b transfer for Company B (because of her h1b status that is still in Case was received), Now she is on H4 that is directly related to my H1B of company A.

That’s why i asked , once i will switch the company from A to B then on which status she will be on

As i dont want to risk her H1B by doing extension of H4 with company B

H4 is related to your H1 status, not associated with any company. She will be in status as long as the visa is currently valid, how many companies you ever change.

When her H4 is close to expiry, you may use whatever valid H1 that you have at that moment (company B or C) and renew/extend her H4 visa.