H4 Status - After Changing Employer

I changed my employer but I didn’t transferred my spouse H4 to my new employer since it’s valid up-to 2022 Dec. My previous employer withdrawn my i129 H1B petition 3 months back which I didn’t aware. What can I do now? Thanks.

First of all its important to understand that H4 is not employer dependent and so it can’t be transferred to ‘new’ employer. Rather H4 is a derivative status of the primary H1B holder and dependent on the H1B status of the primary.

In case of a job change, as far as the primary H1B is in valid status, previously approved H4 should not be impacted even if the employer withdraw the H1B.

No issue for H4. You may wait till next year to file extension of status for H4 dependents using your current H1B approval notice or you may apply now.

Normally people do H4 extension at the same time when doing H1B transfer so that the status expiry is same for all members of the family which is easy to track.