H4 Stamping with valid I94 and expired H1 visa

Hi,I have a expired H1B visa. I have a valid I94 until 2017 and my wife is planning to go to India. She has a H4 visa and it is expired. So, I understand that she needs to get a new H4 Visa stamped in India while coming back to US. My questions is last time I went for H1B stamping, I was given a 221g pink slip and waited for 9 months to get the clearance. As my H1B visa is expired, when my wife goes for her H4 stamping will she also get a 221g and would get stuck in India for administrative processing? I do have a muslim common name. Just wanting to understand the risk.

It depends up on your original 221G. If its about your job(not about you, individually), that would repeat for your wife’s H4 as well. In other cases, she should be fine(only your relationship with her would be verified)

Thanks for your reply immigeek.
My prev 221g was for common muslim name and it took 9 months to cear.

Please advice if it’s okay to travel.

Most likely this time it may be OK at least 90%. But be ready for a slight possibility of repeating the same situation(if your or her name pops up on the list of names that they want to double check).

Thank you…!! Much appreciated…!!