H4 Stamping with H1-B transfer in process


My H1B visa transfer is in the process and I am sending my spouse for H4 stamping with the receipt notice and the most recent approved I797(H1B) from my previous employer. My wife has her approved H4 petition(I797) with validity. Also, I do not have H1B visa stamping in my passport. Below are the docs she is going to carry with her for interview

Receipt notice
Most recent approved I797
Paystubs for 6 months
Current client letter/employer letter.
and so on.

Can you anyone please advise over this, if there is gonna be any issues during her stamping ?

Thanks in advance!!!

If you are no longer being paid by your previous employer, technically that H1 and its related H4 is not valid.
Using it for your spouse’s H4 stamping may pose you potential 221G admin processing for a current employment offer letter and client letter requests from the consulate. If you are ready to address those possibilities, you can try.