H4 stamping when h1 transfer

Hi ,

I have a situation ,where I have H1B stamping from employer A ,didn’t travel though petition still valid ,but now I am transfering H1B to employer B while still in India ,the status shows case received .

My wife H4 is not yet stamped ,is it possible to go for stamping as I have a valid petition from employer A ,but I cannot go to employer A for any papers for the same ,but can ask B for any papers ,please advise if there is any possible way to schedule a stamping as each day the queue for the stamping at the consulate is increasing.I hope by the time Its to go for H4 stamping the employer B 's petition should be approved as it is filed under premium processing

Is A going to support the H4 visa stamping in case of any queries? If not, it is better to wait for B’s approval and then go for H-4 stamping through them.

Thanks for the answer Saurabh.