H4 stamping when H1 transfer is in progress


Can a H4 visa holder go for a visa stamping when spouse’s h1 transfer is in progress? If yes, any precautions to be taken? or else any additional documents to be carried?

Addition info about our case:
Spouse’s h1 I-797 from ex employer has a validity till 2025 April.
Dependent has a h4 I-797 valid till the same time frame.
Spouse’s ex employer has already requested USCIs to revoke his old h1.
Dependent will carry spouse’s current pay stubs as proof of valid h1 visa status (in addition to I797 receipt, ex- i797 approval, client letter, employment verification letter etc)

Unfortunately because the current H1B transfer has not been approved and old petition is revoked, your will need to wait to get the primary H1B approval notice to use for H4 stamping.