H4 stamping still valid for reentry after H1 petition effective


I entered on H4 before my H1 COS is effective. On Oct 1st H1 COS is effective and started working and now want to move back to H4. Planning to travel and come back on H4.

Can I reenter on current H4 visa stamp in my passport (expiry jul 2016) or do I need to go for H4 stamping again?

Appreciate your help.

You can use the current H-4 stamping if that hasn’t expired yet.

Thank you Saurabh. Could you please clarify if there will be any questions about my H1B and previous employment? Do I need to carry any of those documents?

Usually they don’t ask about it. To be on safe side, carry pay slips and other H-1 documents to show that you were in-status during that H-1 tenure.

Can you please tell me how you dealt with this situation? I am in the same situation right now…Were pay stubs asked?