H4 stamping rejected with reason my husband's petition is in revoked status


I had an H1 visa till December 2019. I resigned from my employer and travelled to India last year. Now I am planning to travel to USA on H4 visa. As I resigned from my employer, my H1 visa status is ‘Revocation Notice Was Sent’ in USCIS website.

I went for my H4 visa stamping to Hyderabad consulate in March. My application was rejected stating that my spouse’s petition is currently under request for revocation status with USCIS. But my husband’s petition is in Approved status when checked on USCIS website.

My husband’s petitioner has contacted USCIS office and they replied saying that ‘I have submitted my H-1B petition(which is revoked) instead of my husband’s petition. So, it got rejected’. Not sure where the confusion is but I submitted my husband’s petition only.

I contacted hydcea (at) state (dot) gov multiple times regarding this and only response I am getting from them is my husband’s petition is in request for revocation status with USCIS.

I am going for stamping again in next couple of weeks.

My questions are

  1. Has anyone faced this issue earlier?
  2. How accurate is the information provided by hydcea (at) state (dot) gov. Are they actually checking my husband’s petition status before replying to me.

Thanks much in advance

Well, I have not seen such cases in the past.
It could be a confusion as well…It does not hurt giving another shot and make sure you carry all your documents and try to explain to the visa officer the same.