h4 stamping outside India

Hi ,

I wanted to stamp H4 for my spouse ,there are long waiting for appointments in the consulates in India.Is it possible to go to consulates in other countries,for example the wait time for an appointment in US consulates in Dubai or Abu Dhabi is just 2 days and 1 day respectively .Please advice.


Unless H-4 visa holder is a resident of those countries, it is better to stick to consulates in home country.

Hi Saurabh ,
Thanks for all the replies to the queries .The problem is there is no slots available in the near future in India,I checked with Dubai consulate over a mail,they told yes I can come down on a visit visa.Please share me your thoughts.

That’s a risk. Lot of consulates don’t take candidates who are just visiting the country for tourism. But if you want to take that risk and cannot wait for slots to open up in India, then go ahead. In case visa interview is refused, it won’t have impact on future stampings.

Hi, I do have same situation for my family. Where you able to get the h4 stamped in a different country. Please share your experience if you have tried this. Thank you.

Hi Abhilashd ,
I managed to get an appointment in Mumbai.
I had called consulates/embassies in Dubai and Abudhabi ,both of them said I can come down ,but nobody else was suggesting me that solution .
I used two plugins on chrome to get notified when any vacancy comes up .

Many thanks for the repply. Really appreciate that. Can you please tell me what plugin you used. Is it because of some cancellation that the availability changed. I am using https://travel.state.gov/content/visas/en/general/wait-times.html/
To check the availability. It shows Delhi ’ s wait time as 38 days .all other more than 85. Is the information from this site accurate. Is this the site you followed?

Why don’t you just grab it when it says 38 days ?Yeah it arises out of the cancellation and there will be lot of people looking out for that like I did ,and will be grabbed by some body else.