H4 Stamping outside home country

Has anybody recently booked H4 appointment in Canada/Mexicon or any country other than Home country. My son 14 was denied Dropbox document submission with us, and now i am not able to find any slots for consular booking in India. Request for Emergency appointment has been denied. With schools set to open soon i urgently need to get stamping done for him. Please let me know my options.

You can send email to Matamoros and Tijuana US consulates to confirm if they accept TCN (third country nationals) for H4 interview and stamping. It might be easy to get a Mexico tourist card for your son then getting a Canada visa.
I would also suggest checking with US consulate in Nepal, Srilanka or Bangladesh will allow H4 stamping for TCN.

https://mx.usembassy.gov/ (Scroll down at the bottom for location & information, you may even call for faster response)




Thanks for you suggestion.

Mexico currently have Visa availability only for 2022. I have reached out to other embassies if they are currently allowing appointment for third country.

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