H4 Stamping India

We have an scheduled stamping appointment for H1 & H4 in July. But now the H1 holder has moved to a new employer and is not traveling with us !

Can we use same appointment as before only for H4.
Do we need a new DS-160
Do we need to schedule a new appointment with details of new employer.

Kindly provide your suggestions and inputs!!

Yes, however the visa fees for H1B will be forfeited.

Yes, you can fill out new DS160 with the updated information of the new I-797 for H1B, call VFS and provide the new DS160 number so they will update the appointment.
Make sure you carry the old and new DS160 to your appointment.

No need for new appointment unless you want to save the H1b visa fees which will be valid till 30th September 2023.

Call VFS in case you need more help with your appointment.