H4 Stamping in Visa Scheduling website-Unable to add Citizenship for my son

Hi Kumar,

I have created profile for my son’s h4 stamping in Jan 2023 using Cgi portal ( portal.ustraveldocs.com). He was supposed to travel in June to india and get stamping done. But unfortunately, he could not be able to travel. Later in October 2023 i tried to reschedule visa appointment for 2024. But i came to know the portal has been migrated to https://www.usvisascheduling.com/en-US/) .I tried to login using email which i created earlier in Ustraveldocs. Unfortunately citizenship (India) for my son is not updated and could not able to add or edit. I tried calling Us embassy in india multiple times but not get proper update. Can i create a new profile with same passport and make a payment by my son?. Pls help me.


You should contact VFS at below.


I have already contacted india Visa team and sent many emails. Unfortunately issue not resolved. Can i create a new profile with same passport number and submit the new request?.