H4 Stamping in india without Husband(H1 being in US)

I am on H1 with validity till MAR 2020. my VISA stamp on passport is of my previous employer. my wife is on H4 with same validity and same visa stamping of my previous employer.

my wife wanted to travel to INDIA but I am not going with her.

Will she able to get new VISA stamping alone (without Primary visa holder(h1)).

please let me know more options on this. As we all know there is RISK on H1 travel out of country , what are possible ways to get VISA stamped and india travel.

Yes she can . It’s very common .

I dont think she needs to get a new stamp, you both can still use the old visa until its validity of 2020. You just need to carry the original visa transfer documents with you when you intend to re-enter.

how she will enter in US with old VISA stamp? is I797 approval notice enough at airport ?

Yes, the new I797 approval notice along with the old visa stamp is good enough for re-entry at the immigration. I used my previous employer visa along with my transfer approval notice until the old visa expired.

Please check this with your company immigration lawyer, they will also state the same. No need to spend unnecessary money to get it re-stamped, when you already have a valid visa of the same type stamped in your passport.

Technically, you transferred the old visa to your new employer.