H4 stamping for spouse in between H1-B transfer of primary applicant


I have a valid H1-B until Sept 2017. I changed my job in Jan 2016 and I still have not received my new I-797. I need to visit India for my wedding in Dec and my spouse needs to apply for her H4 stamping.

Can my spouse use the I-797 form from my previous employer for the H4 stamping?

I am trying to avoid the premium processing fee and my present employer is not ready to pay for it.

Please let me know as soon as possible! I would be highly grateful to any valid response!

Thanks in advance.


Your spouse should not use the old petition for stamping as you no longer work for them. If consulate does a check, they can easily know that you are not working for them anymore.

I know you are trying to avoid the PP fees, but that’s the only option left.