H4 stamping for Minor in New Delhi

I have below two questions and would be much thankful if someone can help me by answering these

  1. I am traveling to India with my son. I got an appointment for the H4 stamping of my son ( 5 years old) in New Delhi for Dec 20 and 27. My husband is in H1b and he is not traveling with us. I am in F1 and my visa is already stamped from Mexico last month so I don’t need stamping. As per my knowledge, I can take the documents of my son on the appointment dates. My son need not come to the consulate. Can anyone please confirm if both parents need to go to the consulate on behalf of the minor? This is a specific case where parents don’t need stamping.
  2. My second question is - I am fully vaccinated so do I need to quarantine for 2 weeks after reaching India? I searched in various sites and it says self-monitor for 2 weeks for fully vaccinated people is required. By self-monitor, I assume quarantine is not required. So can I travel to Delhi from Trivandrum on Dec20 even if it is not two weeks since I reach India? Can anyone please help by answering my questions?

Any one of the parent can drop the visa documents at VFS. Children below 14 will qualify for dropbox and dont need to attend interview.


This is correct understanding. Refer to any state specific rules at below link.