H4 Stamping - Clarification Needed


I got my H1bB stamped on December 2012 and am in india.

My wife is going to appear for H4 stamping on Feb 1 2013.

  1. Can i accompany my wife for the H4 interview or only she is allowed to appear for the interview?

  2. My wife is not fluent in English. Suppose if she faces any issues during interview can she request any translator help or her visa will be denied?

Please help

  1. You can appear along w/ her. You will need to complete your own DS-160 form and when scheduling mention that you will attending as a family. If she has already booked her slot, then you cannot amend it to add yourself. She will have to cancel that appointment and then book one together.

  2. Consulates also provide interviews in local languages. You can check on that w/ the consulate where you have your appointment. The officer may ask how she will interact in US w/ colleagues, clients etc when she is not fluent in English.