H4 stamping appointment


I am in US with H1B working for employer A. My dependents are in India and we are yet to book dropbox appointment for their H4 stamping. Meanwhile, I am also waiting for H1B transfer to employer B which seems to take sometime.

  • Can I proceed to book appointment for my dependents with my employer A I797? During the wait time for the appointment, if my H1B transfer gets completed should my dependents book a new dropbox appointment again with employer B I797 ?
  • Are they allowed to travel to US with the same H4 stamping done with employer A I797 while in the mean time, my H1B transfer gets completed and I am working for employer B in US ?
  • Is it a good idea to wait until my H1B transfer gets completed with employer B and then go for H4 stamping?

Please let me know.

Yes you can book appointment referencing current employer and then submit a new DS-160 with newm employer info before H4 interview. Make sure they carry copy of both old and new DS-160 and copy of I-797 from your new employer along with other H1B amd H4 supporting documents.

Yes, visa is just a travel document required to enter the US and it is not tied to any employer.

No need as such to wait but totally upto you.

Thank you very much @Kalpesh_Dalwadi for your response !!