H4 Stamping after H1 Visa Stamping and travel to US with H4

I am currently in US with H1B visa(Valid:09-Aug-2016). My Wife is in India and got the H1B approved from her Employer on 09-July-2015. She is waiting for the Visa Stamping and it will be completed in next 2 weeks. She does not have a project as of now and not sure whether the employer will send her to US in near future. She is pregnant and has to travel to US before December as suggested by doctors.

Note: Employer will give the I-797 and other related documents of H1B only one day before Visa Stamping. So we need to stamp the H1 to get the documents.


  1. Whether I can stamp H4 for her after H1B visa is stamped? if we stamp H4 after H1 what will be the status of H1, Whether H1 will go to Void and cannot be used anymore? Whether she can work in US once she comes here in H4 and by applying COS?


What you did finally? I am in same situation as ur wife!

Have H1 visa stamped already but want to go for H4 stamping (based on my wife’s H1).

Will it impact already stamped H1 ?

And in US will it be H1 transfer or Change of status?