H4 stamping after H1 refusal 221(g)

My H1b stamping went through 221(g) and after a wait period of 2.5 months came back as refusal from chennai consulate. Now I want to go for H4 stamping so that I can join my husband in the US. 1) Are there any problems in my case in H4 stamping because of H1 refusal? Should I wait for H1 to be revoked before I apply for H4. 2) My husband works for the same employer who filled my H1 . Will my H1 refusal and appearance for H4 in anyway trouble my husband’s visa/stay in the US. Before this H1 refusal. I had a H4 stamped and was in the US with that H4 (husband with same employer since then). Please suggest the best way to approach this case, as my kid(born in the US) and me need to join my husband asap.

Any suggestion/reviews to this is greatly appreciated.
Please help!

Your H4 stamping is independent of H1 refusal. You can certainly apply for H4 visa .

However while filling up Ds 160 do not hide any information . Mention about refusal of H1 visa in relevant column. answer all questions truthfully and correctly.

Yr H1 visa refusal does not affect yr husband in any way.

You are well within yr rights to apply for H4 visa. If you present yr case properly , you will get H4 visa

Thank you…
I was worried because my husband is with the same employer who sponsored my H1…
Appreciate if you have some comments on extra documentation that I need to carry to support my husband’s H1.
He is on E V V C model. So any extra docs to support that?

Nothing extra. Standard usual documentation

Thank you.
If the VO asks me about - “what do you plan to do with the old H1” or something on that grounds - what should I answer?

Reply that old H1 visa matter is now closed. I am now going as dependent to stay with my husband