H4/Spouse visa related doubt


Spouse visa stamping is approved , but

  1. if my husband has to switch job later and has to do new h1b transfer because of new employer,I am still in India
    Can i travel to USA or do i need to wait for the new I797 ?

  2. if he stays with the same employer and has to change client, can i come to USA while amendment is being done for new client change?

Any suggestions please help


As far as the H1B is in valid status at the time H4 enters the US, is what all matters. Just present the "current’ I-797 from the employer the H1B is working at the time of H4 entry, no issues if there is a change of employer or amendment petition pending at the time the H4 enters the US.
Make sure to carry last three pay stubs and employment verification letter of primary H1B (from the employer the H1B is working for at the time the H4 enters) along with other supporting documents for the H4.