H4 Renewal Stampin in India


This is my first time with H4 extension. Got I797A approval notice for extension. Previous visa is expired in the passport. I need to travel to India in the next 3 months and will need stamping. My queries might be repetitive, but I hope I will get the help anyway. Need guidance and help with the following queries-

  1. Will I be eligible for Dropbox?
  2. It says online that DS 160 is valid for 30 days. I will use the DS 160 confirmation no to book an appointment after 3 months. So, do I have to fill the DS160 again at the time of appointment?
  3. For filling DS160, can we estimate certain dates like, when we started and finished school, college etc? Its been long and I don’t remember the exact dates.
  4. While filling the form at cgifedereal site, is asks - “Principal applicants name”. Will that be me or my spouse who is on H1B? Similarly, it asks for “Petitioners Name”. Will that be my spouse’s employer? I do not work in the US.
  5. How long is the ‘application fees’ valid for? Is it one year from the date of payment or just for that calendar year?

Really appreciate any help you all can provide.
Thanks in advance!

Check for yourself here…Visa expiry was extended to 48 months (instead of 12) till 31st Dec 2021. There is no update if the State department will extend this for 2022.


You get 30 days to complete the DS-160 and submit, otherwise it expires and you have to restart. Once it is completed and submitted, it is valid till you update it if any of the information you filled out needs to be changed before the interview.

That should be fine.

Principal applicant will be H1B holder and Petitioner will be his employer name.

Currently it is valid till 30th September 2023 due to pandemic, otherwise it is only valid for 12 months from date of payment.

Thank you Kalpesh sir. You have been very helpful. Really appreciate it.

Hi, while completing the details on the cgifederal website, it asks for uploading passport. Do we need to upload just the first and last page or all the pages with any stamping on them?
Please suggest.

I would just upload copy of all pages minus any blank page.