H4 Related query


I have H1B and currently in USA. I wish to apply for my dependent.

In my passport her name is like calling name(Latha), As per the record her name is Yamuna.

She got a passport, in that her name mentioned as per record(Yamuna), also my name is also correct as per record.

Marriage certificate also Yamuna only.

Do I need to change her name in my passport as per record and then need to apply for H4, else i can apply without change my paaport.

Kindly clarify.


Senthil Kumar

I think it is ok to appear for H-4 visa stamping w/ current documentation. In DS-160 form, there is a question asking whether the applicant has ever been known by a different name. There you can mention Latha as the other name.

If you update her name in your passport now, that would result in a new passport being issued. As her passport, and marriage certificate has Yamuna as the name, it should be fine. If asked, she can explain the situation to the VO.

Thanks a lot Saurabh for quick responseā€¦So while applying the H4 my VISA page and DS160, I-797 is enough. or need to provide my passport copy as wll

You can provide first and last page copy of the passport as well. If needed, she can show that.