H4 regular appoinment - Issues with Booking. Blocked even checking few times 72 hours

I’m new in scheduling appoinments and as soon as i login for the first time it got frozen for 72 hours after 2 days it got back normal and then on 3rd day when i saw the dates and going to book the OFC appoinment it got refreshed automatically and during the next attempt it got frozen again.
so i wanna know about my wrong move and solution of this?
thank you in advance.

Usually it should not block you. You can check up to 3 times all consulates in a day ( 5*3 =15). If you exceed that, then they will block you. It could be that your browser is doing something and hitting system automatically.

The solution is to make sure you do not check multiple times and check few times in a day. You can call customer service as well, if it persists.