H4 refused with a 221(g) white form

I went for the H4 visa interview in Delhi consulate on 2-dec-2015. But they gave a white 221(g) sheet stating that i need to get added myself in my husband’s H1B petition and gave back my passport. Previously, i have travelled to US on B1 visa in january 2015. Same year, my H1B petition was also filed through my company but i resigned because of marriage. Could this be the reason of putting my visa on hold?

Also, could someone please suggest on how to get my self added in my husband’s petition.

Can i apply for a new application as they have returned my passport.

That’s strange. I don’t know what they mean by getting added to husband’s H-1 petition.

When did you leave US? When did you get married? Did you show your husband’s petition at the time of interview?

I was on B1 visa before marriage and came back to India in February 2015. I got married on 22nd nov 2015. Yes, I showed my husband’s petition. But they put my visa on hold. I dont know what to do next. Now even my husband’s passport has not been stamped. It is stating that it is undergoing administrative processing. I dont know what step to take

Talk to your husband’s immigration attorney. Was the officer referring to your husband’s visa stamping as a pre-req to your H-4 stamping?