H4 Premium and H4 EAD

I’ve filed my H4 in premium and H4 EAD together on 01/06/2020 and got H4 biometrics done on 01/29/2020.

H4 status is still in process along with H4 EAD. I tried calling USCIS to expedite my EAD under financial hardship category, but they denied the request citing supporting documents missing.

I was told that USCIS will reach out to me if they need additional documents, but I didn’t get any email and was not contacted by them. Now I see status as expediate request denied because of missing supportive documents.

Appreciate if you have any ideas what i need to do now with less time left? Current EAD expires is 3 weeks from now.

Well, unfortunately, there is not much you can do.
You can try to expedite again and see, if they accept. Many have tried at least few times and were turned down…
You may read process to H4 Expedite, Experiences

Thank you so much for your prompt response!

So, do you know why USCIS response states - You did not provide evidence of an extreme emergent need.?

Without asking for an evidence they are saying that.

Did you get any update on your case… I am in the same situation where my expedite request was denied without asking for any documents.

Did you raise another expedite request after that… what action you took. Would appreciate if you can guide.

Hey Sujay,
I did reach out to my congressman here and put another expedite request through them.

Waiting to hear.

You can put as many expedite requests but they will deny all is my understanding unless u go through congressman.

Hey Varun,

I did reach out to my congressman Yesterday and fax all the documents. But so far i have not heard back from my congressman. I did try to call in the office but no one is picking the phone.

So you are still waiting for your case decision?.. How many expedite requests have you raised till now?

Hey Varun,

Any update on your case… I reached out to congressman and they decline to help on expediting the reqeust.

I got my EAD card after congressmen expedited my request.

Try with a different congressmen.

Oh So can we reach out to congressman in other regions also?.. I thought we can reach out to the congressman within our county… Can you please let me know how you picked some other congressman.? how far from your home address?

Yes, I had also expedited my H4 EAD and got denied since it was not considered an emergent case and not enough evidence to support the expedite request. I also reached out to local congress women in parallel but received same response. Then I requested congress women to resend to USCIS another letter that I got from my employer stating detailed financial loss with actual evidence. This time I also reached out to Senator with same documents providing financial loss. My case got approved in 3 days and waiting for new card to arrive. It is worth trying multiple expedite requests if denied the first time.

Hi Varun, How long did it take for the new card to arrive after approval?

I took 5 days after approval.

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Congrats Uma. May i know when did you file your H1, H4 & H4EAD application and in which center?

We filed all 3 applications on Jan 15th 2020. H1B approved in 10days (since it was PP) Went for Biometrics in-person on Jan 31st 2020. May 5th requested expedite processing. 2 weeks to send documents to congress woman, senators, follow-up. Approval received on 26th May. Waiting for card to arrive by mail. Let me know if you need any more info. I understand how stressful it must be to go through this process.

Sorry forgot to mention which service center - California Service center

Thanks a lot… We filled and received date was 29th Jan at Vermont center. Tried everything with expedite denied and no response from congressman. Very frustrating / stressful to wait. Thanks for the details.

Yes I totally understand the frustration. Our lawyers initially mentioned the processing time is generally 5-6 months. We applied 1 month late and my current EAD is expiring in June 1st. I was very stressed that I would loose my job if EAD is delayed. So had to try all options to expedite. Luckily our congresswomen was very responsive and helpful. Also reached out to both CA Senators for additional support. I’m not sure which source worked but eventually received the approval on time. When does your EAD expire? If you applied 6 months before expiry you should mostly get it on time. But again each service center is different. It’s very unpredictable these days.

Mine is already expired on 30th Apr’20. Its already a month now in LWP and not sure how long have to be… I also reached out to Senator from my state but no response. Already 2 expedite requests have been denied. Not sure if i go for another expedite request or not. As of now i am clueless what to do… Getting really frustrated…:frowning:

Did you mention the right category under which you applied the expedite request. Sometimes if you do not mention they will deny right away. There are 4 categories listed under USCIS expedite request which can be found on their website. You need to mention the category number and name clearly, Submit all documents as evidence to prove your expedite request.
My lawyer also mentioned sometimes after expedite request denied approval happens automatically in next 2-3 weeks since your case was pulled from the line and got some attention. It has happened to a few people. Keep trying to email and call senators & congress office they will eventually respond. I wish and hope you get your EAD soon.

I cant advise on another expedite re-attempt. You can ask your lawyers.

Thanks Uma for the update. I think i made the right category bcoz i did get a letter also from USCIS one week later that your expedite request is denied with A number and other details. As per the letter, same thing was mentioned that your case doesn’t qualify for expedite request although they never asked for the documentation.

It been 2 weeks now since this happened… I think only option is to pursue with the congressman/senator which i will do… Thanks again for providing all the details.