H4 pregnant urgent..

I have a valid H1B processed by a small consultant ,who had a requirement ,which i couldn’t take up then.

Now I want to move to USA,and I am currently in notice period with my current employer.

After this we found that my wife is pregnant .

I am planning to travel by April and my wife being pregnant ,I am bit confused on how things will work for her for dependent h4 .My employer ,as per our earlier plan ,told me that they will file for H4 after 4 months after my arrival ,calculating 2 month to find a new project and 2 more months to get the necessary pay slips.

Please help me with the below concerns.

  1. Can i apply the h4 prior to my travel ?Is it really required to have an end client and pay slips associated for the h4?

  2. considering 4 months as told by the employer ,my wife would be on her 7th month of pregnancy ,will she be able to get a h4 and come to USA.

3)When it comes to medical insurance ,will I be able to add her as well initially ,she still being in india.?

Please help

Please read the stars as pregnnt

  1. She can appear for H-4 visa even before you land in US. Payslips are not required as you have never worked inside US on H-1 (is that a correct assumption). Client letter may be required, but consulate is more relaxed w.r.t. H-4 visa than w/ H-1 visa

  2. Pregnancy won’t impact the decision of her H-4 visa. However, it may impact when she can travel to US. You will have to check w/ specific airline.

  3. Soon after she lands in US, you will have to add her to your insurance plan so that the delivery and new born is covered for medical expenses. I think you can add her while she is still in India, but it may cost money. You will be paying for her premium even when she is not present inside US. When she enters US, it will qualify as life event and you will be able to make changes to your insurance plan. Check w/ employer as well.