H4 or F2 ? As the H1B future is uncertain due to Lottery

Hi friends,

I am PhD graduate from US university. currently on OPT (expiring in Sept. 13 and can extend 17 months more).
My employer is filing my H1-B on April 1st. Despite higher education in US and MS/PhD quota, I may have to undergo Lottery this time.
I was banking on April H1-B and have planned wedding in December 13, so that I can get h4 for wife.

Now I am scared if i don’t get through the lottery, I will have to extend OPT and apply for F-2 for wife while I am on OPT. I have heard it’s not best thing to do. what do you guys suggest ? On other hand I think I am getting too worried and should wait till H1 filing is over ?

thanks a lot

It difficult to advice as to how this H1 season unfolds itself.However,I would suggest you to wait and see for now until you have decision on your H1.