H4 Needed for interview after dropbox submissions

Me and My Spouse(H4) dropped off our passport at Hyderabad on Jan31 and got a mail on Feb4 asking to attend for interview on Feb16. Mail just contains my passport number, now I am curious whether my spouse also need to attend for the interview along with me or is it just me. Both of our ceac status shows Visa is in Admin Processing.

Typically, its just for your H1 only. Your spouse’s H4 just follows your H1 petition as a derivative benefit. Your spouse doesnt require to attend the interview. Once yours is approved, your spouse’s would automatically be approved.


Can you please comment on your post interview, if your spouse was required for the interview or just you.

only me, they gave my Wife’s passport to me after entering into consulate. I submitted it to officer during interview.

Hi Robin,
Did you got your passport back with stamp ?