H4 login to book H1b and H4 dropbox appointment


Today bulk slots opened up on the CGI website. I am a H4 visa holder and my husband has his H1b.
We logged into via my account and we were able to book interview waiver / Dropbox appointment for October 20th for both of us under one login.

In my confirmation email, the visa category only mentioned h4 but both our DS160 information is available and each of us have our UID.

My questions are:

  1. Will I face a problem when I go for my appointment where my husbands documents will not be accepted?
  2. We are able to see the same slot via my husband’s login as well, if we reschedule, will it be rescheduled as H4 or H1?
  3. Do I need to cancel this appointment and book a combined slot via my husband’s cgi account?

Any and all help here will be appreciated please.

I think your appointment should be good. You can contact VFS and double check.