H4/L2 to F1 visa Change of status in USA


Q1-I am planning to change my status from H4 to F1 within USA, how easy or difficult is the status change ? Are there any chances of rejection due to H4?

Q2-Is there any advantage to apply for F1 while on L2 compare to being on H4 ?



Q1 - It is pretty straight forward. You just need to talk to the school, get I20, show funds and file for COS. Less likely to get rejected, unless you do not show enough funds to cover your education. It should be straight shot. Talk to the school officials.

Q2. It depends on your Spouse’s L1. If you do COS to F1, you get the OPT and 17 month extension if eligible. Imagine, your spouse’s L1 expired or had to leave out of country and you are in middle of course…it could get complicated. So, you have to weigh your options…