H4, L2 aging out Kids education in USA and further stay guidance

I have read your article on ‘American Dream and Promise Act 2021 H4, L2 kids Age out Provisions’.
My son came to USA at the age of 5 in 2012 as H4 dependent and studied here in USA from KG to 6 th grade( 7 years in Usa till 2018 May). Every year between 2012 to till date, we visited India for 2 months. Though H1 holder continue to stay in USA( except those every years vacation of 1.5 months in India), my son studied his 7 th grade in India and came back to USA in 2020 during covid. He was here in USA till end of 2022 and started further study from 10 th grade in India again. Plan is to study MBBS in India and came back here by giving USMLEs and try for US job else get MD/ join other degree in public health degree course. H1 is still continuing in USA and GC priority is 2016 April. Does my Son fits in current H. R. 6 Bill ( inclusion of kids of H4,L2) for 10 years conditional Green card?
Any advice for his education?