H4 is refused with 221g blue slip


I had the visa interview @ chennai consulate today(Sept 28) for the H4 visa. After asking a few questions, the officer handed over a blue slip with “Administrative processing required” checkbox selected. He has retained my passport. What could have been the reason for refusing H4? He didn’t ask me for any of the documents during the visa interview, and also while handing over the blue slip he didn’t request for any documents.

Couple of questions he asked me are followed. He asked if my husband studied in the US or if I studied in the US or if I have ever been to US or If I have ever applied for a F1 visa.

For all the above mentioned questions my answer is “No”. I was puzzled why I was given a blue slip. Any help on this would be highly helpful. Can I expect the H4 visa approval?

One additional info which I wanted to add is my H1B is picked up in this year lottery and its in RFE state.

Expecting some views.