H4 interview while H1B visa holder in India

I went for H1B Visa stamping in the month of Oct 2015 and got Visa stamped. Not yet travelled to US, still India. Initially I thought after going to US , will plan H4 visa stamping for my spouse and child.

But now my H1 employer is asking me to schedule H4 visa for my spouse and child . He is saying it will be easy for dependents to take up interview while I am in India.

Does there any problem while I am (H1 visa holder) in India,sending my dependents for H4 visa stamping ?

Please advise.

I am not sure if your employer has project lined-up for you, or not. But if you travel to US on H-1 and your dependents appear for H-4 visa then payslips may be asked. If you don’t have payslips, then their visa stamping may run into issues.

If you are still outside of India, then payslips are not required and eases that tension. That could be the hidden advantage employer might be referring to.

Having said that, remember you always NEED to get paid in US when on H-1. Staying w/o pay makes you accumulate out-of-status.