H4 Interview waiver for Kids Under 14 Years if applying along with the parents under single appointment

Hi There,
Hope you are doing well. I hope you can provide your advice on the below question on Interview Waiver for my Kids who are under 14 Years of age.
I am travelling to India and scheduled H1b & H4 Dropbox (Interview Waiver) Appointments for Myself, Spouse & Kids on May 19th, 2023. I have seen that the Interview Waiver Qualification criteria for Kids under 14 Years of Age is that both the parents must have a valid visa. But for myself & Spouse, our visa stamping is expired on September 2020 but have valid I 797 Approval notice until March 2025 from my employer. Does this mean we have Valid visa, and this is suffice for Interview Waiver to my kids? Appreciate your help here.

When applying with parents, I don’t think kids need parents visa stamped to be eligible for dropbox.

You can call or email VFS and double check.


Thank You Kalpesh. Checked with my friend as well who was in similar situation and get stamped couple of weeks ago for his family (Self, Spouse & Kid Under 14 Years)