H4 immediately after F1 renewal rejection


My F1 renewal was rejected a week ago under 214 (b). Some people are of the opinion that it could be because of my husband ''s h1b. So now, if I applied for H4 in a month’s time, will my recent F1 rejection impact the H4 adversely ?

I’m mainly worried because it might look like I’m trying to go to the US one way or the other.

Also, during the interview, if I’m asked about plan in the US, would it make sense to say that I might continue my PhD?

Please let me know! Thank you for your time !

I don’t think F-1 denial will have an impact on H-4. H-4 is a dual intent visa and so it takes care of any 214b doubts, which is issued when the person is considered potential immigrant.

On H-4, you should not work. Some schools apply to study while on H-4. As you don’t know if the school will allow you to pursue PhD on H-4 or not, it is better to respond that you plan to stay at home. Plan can change later.