H4 - I-94 date


My wife recently travelled to INDIA and came back last month. I noticed that her I-94 going to expire in April 2016 but my 797 and our visa is valid till 9/2016. so my question is should I have to file her extension or I can go to nearest CBP office and get corrected. Please advise.

When is wife’s passport expiring?

8 years remaining to expire her passport

Hmm looks like an error on part of the CBP officer. In that case, you can go to nearest CBP office and get it corrected.

The other thing is, you are eligible to file your H-1 extension in Mar 2016 (6 months prior to current expiration date). You can include your wife in that extension petition as well and save a trip to CBP office. Even if you go to CBP office now, she will get I-94 until 9/2016 her extension will have to be filed soon along w/ your H-1 extension.

Thanks Saurabh. I will talk to my employer to check if they are ready to file my extension by next month thn I will wait otherwise I will go to CBP office and get corrected.