H4 Husband in USA

Both my wife and myself applied H1b last year, but only my wife got approved and my case was not picked in lottery. Now My wife got H1B stamped and soon to be travel. Next year I am planning to apply H1 again. At the same time my wife feels that she needs my support and want me to travel with her sooner or later on H4. (Still not applied)

As I read lots of articles that H4 life is real pain in USA. Is it really true or myth ? I know I cannot work while I’m in H4.

In h4 interview, If I say I quit my job, do they ask proof of my resignation ? If yes, do I need to resign and then go for interview ? what if they didn’t approval, I will lose job and H4. That will be deseaster.


If I say, took long leave, do they ask proof of my leave ?

For both cases, without knowing the result of H4 stamping, I will not be able to take decision.

In this case, what could be the best option to satisfy my professional career as well as to give moral support for my wife?

Is it worth, quitting my job and be ideal in USA as dependant husband and earn H4 or EAD and find job ?

Any H4 husband there, What did you do in your case? Please share your knowledge and help me in finding the solution.