H4 & H4-EAD applied an year ago. re-use H4-EAD application now?


Here is my situation:
I applied for H4 ad H4 EAD together in April 2020 with no luck till now. But my company relocated me to India in November 2020, till I get H4-EAD. Yesterday, I got H4-Visa stamped at US Consular office, Chennai. USCIS has not made a decision on my H4 and H4 EAD case yet. I recently received a biometrics appointment letter [with an appointment scheduled for Feb 12, 2021]. But we requested ASC to postpone the biometrics appointmnet.

So, my questions are:

  1. After entering the USA on H4-Visa, can I re-use my H4-EAD application filed in April 2020 and stay in the queue? H4-EAD processing times seem to be April 2020, this would greatly help me.
  2. Do I need to file a new H4-EAD application after entering the US on H4 Visa?
  3. If I have to submit new H4-EAD application, Can I submit the H4-EAD application and come back to India for work? Will my H4-EAD application gets affected by my international travel?

Thanks in advance for help.

Can someone please help with my questions?