H4-H1B -H4 extension and urgent travel to India

I came to USA on h4 visa, after couple of months I applied H1B under cap exempt .

h1B got approved in Nov-2014 but as my spouse H1B and my h4 was getting expired at same time we filed H4 extension. which got approved in Dec-2014.

As per Last action rule I am on H4 visa status. I have not filed COS from H4-H1B again.

But on urgent basis,I need to go India, so

1>I can travel on H4 visa back to India(for which I have approved petition )?

2>Can I come back here on h4 visa(after stamping, when I am holding H1B approved petition too)?

3>Can I apply for COS here, from H4-H1B , to avoid risk of rejection of h1B stamping at india consulate?

please suggest.

seema pawar,

Did u get any help mam on this, i am on similar situation and none is helping me…request mam to share any inputs here

Shankar Savant