H4-H1 immediately as H1 is approved possible?

Can I change my visa status from H1 to H4 immediately as I get my H1B Approval. Is it possible as I would need to travel to India during that period. Also on which visa should I come back to US then.

You can apply for change of status to change from H1 to H4. But beware, it make take some time to get approved.

If you need to work on H1 in USA upon return, you have to get it stamped in your home country before return to USA. Otherwise you can return on your valid H4 visa and apply for change of status again, after return. Again, it make take some time for the change of status to get approved.

Thanks for your response.
Could you please help me with the amount of time involved in switching from H1 to H4 and also the level of risk involved in the whole process oh H1-H4-H1.
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Processing time is 2-4 months. You can check it online for form I-539 for your processing center. As long as you and your spouse have been maintaining H-1 status, it should be easy.