H4 got visa and stamping while H4 extension pending got RFE

Hello friends. Need urgent help on the following as I need to respond to RFE on H4.

This is for my spouse.

Old H1 and H4 are valid until April 30, 2016. Filed for extension by premium processing in April 20, 2016. Due to postal error H1 and H4 got separated.

H1 approved first. H1’s i-797 valid from May 1, 2016 to April 30, 2018. But H4 is still pending. Due to family emergency both H1 and H4 went to India in June 2016.

Attended visa interview with H1’s valid i-797. Got stamping for H1 and H4 until April 30, 2018. And came back to US in August 2016.

Now got RFE for H4 extension which was filed in April 2016 (but now H4 already have valid stamping and i-94 up to April 2018).

They are just asking simple documents for H1’s employment. I can send it.

But my question is do I need to still do this because the stamping is valid until April 2018.

Thanks a lot

H-4 extension is moot right now as H-4 would have received new I-94 when entering US recently. H-4 extension would have also granted a new I-94, which you guys already have.