H4 for my husband and planning to study but queries

Hi, I am a H1B visa holder and I stayed in US for 4 months and came back by last Dec end as my husband is in India. Now the problem is we are unable to find H1 sponsor for him from being in India also he is basically from Power Industry and not software. Now I am not interested to waste my H1B. My plan is get him in H4 visa and let him prepare for GRE/TOEFL and let him do his Masters there. But still we looking for universities nearby where I will be working. Also we will get his H4 converted to F1 visa. Will this work out ??? Can anyone help me out if this is a good decision. My aim is to go to US but he is not in to that but he is ready to do MS. He is in a manager position here and he is only 29 so I am seriously thinking if this is a good plan. Help me.

Depends on what you want to do. Certainly going for F1 is good idea. But think more from a family standpoint and decide. Will you earn enough to support his studies and if you have or planning for kids :slight_smile:

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